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Czech Beer Alliance

The Czech Beer Alliance (CBA) was founded back in 2017 in the UK with a mission to champion the Real Bohemian Lager.

We’re all about celebrating those independent Czech brewers who never take shortcuts in their production process. We’re proud to support brewers who stick to using only the finest natural ingredients, practice decoction brewing, embrace open fermentation, and believe in the magic of long, cold lagering.

What sets us apart is our ability to do all this competitively, and that’s thanks to our strong connections within the industry and our knack for streamlining logistics on a global scale.

Today, the core of CBA is based in the UK, and we’ve established partnerships with exclusive distributors in Western Europe and the USA.

But guess what? We’re actively seeking more partners worldwide to collaborate with.

Cheers to keeping it authentic with CBA! 🍻

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Currently, we're focused on promoting three distinct product categories:

Real Bohemian Lager

Here we’ve got the essence of CBA’s business: these folks have been championing their Real Lager for centuries in old establishments, making use of natural ingredients and making the most of local soft water sources – particularly the soft water from their own artesian wells, Moravian Barley, Saaz hops, decoction brewing, open fermentation, and lengthy lagering.

Artisanal Lager

These guys produce the best you can get from the country in small-batch mode and their superb Real lager would always come unfiltered & unpasteurised.

Craft Beer

Here we have the country’s hipsters, fashioning Pilsener lagers with a unique twist, employing uncommon hops and techniques. On the ale front, they’re expertly blending American, British, and various other styles with Czech ingredients, all while adhering to the principle of “supreme drinkability.

Real Bohemian Lager vs Ordinary Lager

Real Bohemian Lager

Ordinary Lager

The Alliance also aims to work with Beer journalists, bloggers and the whole beer social media community. Providing interested parties Real Bohemian Lager brewing education. In this way, local beer lovers are getting top quality, unrivalled products so far unavailable in the UK and Ireland.

Whilst Czech beer is generally well-established with local consumers, few had the occasion to taste the gems from Czech craft Masterbrewers. Those who did notably noticed a unique drinkability and aroma that surpass foreign lagers by far and this can be proven by chemical analysis.

We are happy to work together with local distributors in order to fill this market gap and make them deliver.