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The Czech Beer Alliance prides itself on introducing a range of Real Bohemian lagers to the UK & Irish markets, along with a selection of Czech Craft Brewers. It is the Real Bohemian Lager Ambassador to the UK & Ireland and aims to work with either distributors or direct with the hospitality sector. It is currently representing up to 8 independent Czech breweries.  The Alliance is the first body of its kind to introduce a comprehensive range of Real Bohemian in the UK whatsoever.

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To ensure the distribution of high quality, authentically Czech beer within the UK and Ireland, we only represent breweries with lagers 100% committed to traditional Czech brewing (Real Bohemian Lagers). In short, a Real Bohemian Lager is about LOCAL INGREDIENTS – DECOCTION – NOT FERMENTED EXTRACT – OPEN VESSELS – LONG MATURATION (for more info, please see “How to brew a real Bohemian lager”) The Alliance also supports Czech Craft lagers and ales, offering a wide range brew blending Czech, Bavarian, English and New World premium ingredients in a unique way.

The Alliance also aims working with Beer journalists, bloggers and the whole beer social media community. Providing interested parties Real Bohemian Lager brewing education. In this way, local beer lovers are getting top quality, unrivalled products so far unavailable in the UK and Ireland. Whilst Czech beer is generally well established with local consumers, few had the occasion to taste the gems from Czech craft Masterbrewers. Those who did, notably noticed a unique drinkability and aroma that surpass foreign lagers by far and this can be proven by chemical analysis. We are happy to work together with local distributors in order to fill this market gap and make them deliver.

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czech beer alliance brand

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Made with by Veronika Silbergerova
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