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The CBA now works with 7 different breweries ranging from 7000 Hl up until 350 000 Hl so we can find the right brewer for your account. We can import beer direct to your premises if this is your preferred option and if you are aiming for a highly exclusive product.  – get in touch

Started from the back of an old VW Vento in 2003, Euroboozer was set up by beer lover Martyn Railton, initially importing Austrian brands Stiegl, Schremser and Hirter. The company soon branched out across the Atlantic to bring some of the finest US craft brewers to these shores. Fifteen years on and the work that Euroboozer has done to help bring about the speciality and craft beer revolution in the UK is considerable. The VW Vento has now gone to be replaced with offices and a warehouse in Hertfordshire. Euroboozer now supplies some of the finest food and beverage establishments in the country and their brands are mainstays in almost all of the UKs top craft beer bars and bottle shops

Tel: 01923 263335, Email:, Website:, Twitter: @Euroboozer

The CBA works with UK and Irish distributors, importers and wholesalers – If you wish to have a Real Bohemian Lager in your portfolio on either exclusive or non-exclusive basis and make yourself unique, get in touch

we can make your own lager stand out from the competition, enjoying proper decoction, open fermentation and very long maturation. We can also craft brew according to your own recipes – both lagers and ales. get in touch

We can combine a very high quality with competitive prices and the usually required shelf life of 8 – 12 months.  Bohemia Regent and Holba are the brands to suit this exercise. Both can also supply a traditionally made non-alcoholic beer. get in touch

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Made with by Veronika Silbergerova
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