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CzechTrade UK's director Martin Macourek to speak about UK beer market for North Bohemian breweries in Turnov.

12th of February 2020

Author: Martin Macourek

North Bohemia is a traditionnal brewing territory, having been a focal area for both Bohemian and German brewers. Their skills together with great local water and local Saaz hops, weathy and prosperous north Bohemian towns and the industrial revolution all contributed to the success of local breweries.
Unfortunately the second World War followed by the dark communist years led to many breweries being closed. Some managed to survive such as Konrad or Svijany. 
The fall of the communist regime and the Czech beer revolution in the new millenium led to Breweries expansion (Svijany jumped from 48 000 Hl in 1998 to 700 000 now!) And to old breweries being revived and reopened.
We already know about the fantastic story of Cvikov nad Albrecht breweries revival that now export their multi-awarded lagers to the UK via Czech Beer Alliance. But the region is now home to more than 40 brewers. Among these, the Volt brewery made it to Turnov and as a result decided to present its beer to UK beer professionals at the Czech Beer Day due to take place in London on 11th June 2012. So stay tuned to the Bohemia British summer  🙂

Author: Martin macourek

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