a Real Bohemian Lager

Real Bohemian lagers are traditionally hopped three times but you will always note that there is a great balance of ingredients and the beer is always pleasantly bitter, the bitterness is perfectly balanced. You always feel a delicate bitterness on the palate which quickly disappears so that you the beer drinker instantly wants to have another one.

Types of hopps

If a Real Bohemian lager is to be extra hoppy, it would not be achieved by using a very bitter hop variety as this could negatively affect the balance of the beer. Instead, this would be mostly achieved by either hopping more times  (as an example, the extra hopped Kanec 10 is hopped four times.) or by dry hopping which enjoys a very long tradition in Bohemia unlike many other countries where it is a recent fashionable think : Indeed, Saaz hops are perfect for gentle dry hopping.