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KANEC 12 premium lager to get a permanent listing with Laithwaite wines

Author: Martin Macourek

Great news for real Bohemian lager aficionados – the much loved Kanec 12 lager is now to be available on a regular basis with Laithwaites wines

The brewery was established as early as 1522 and today Kanec (which stand for Wild Boar) is still brewed in the same original brewery. Technology is modern but it strictly adheres to the Real Bohemian lager rules so there are no shortcuts – you will still find double decoction brewing, open fermentation and 8weeks long maturation in historical cellars! With Kanec you are always sure to go the traditional way and the guy to guarantee that is Dusan Taborsky, one of the most famous master brewers on the Czech brewing scene. 

 So what to expect from the Wild Boar?  Expect a rich golden colour and a thick white head. You will note the colour is darker than most normal lagers which are caused by unique decoction brewing and the use of Munich malts. The dominant Pilsener malts come from a local floor malting operation which is totally unique on a European scale. Only a handful of such malting operations are left in the Czech Republic and there is none left in Germany nowadays.

The beer features a very pleasant malty character with herbal and floral notes. The aftertaste is slightly spicy though which is the responsibility of Sladek hops whereas the noble Saaz hops care for aroma. The result is a beautifully balanced and utmost drinkable premium Pilsener lager.

Cheers – Na zdraví!

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