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Muflon beers in empty Prague

21st of May 2020

Author: Martin Macourek

It is Friday 27th May and we are in the historical city centre of Prague, one of Europe’s oldest original Romanesque towns, flourishing also by the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras. Yet we stand in the middle of this beauty alone. Not a single soul can be seen in front of the famous Prague astronomical clock, built in 1410 and being the oldest continuously operating clock in the World!

Whist we are sure the Corona pandemic crisis is to settle down soon, this gives us unprecedented views of Prague that might not be replicated anymore. – So why not combine the medieval town with Czech beer.

To this purpose we of course need Prague sourced beer and one that is to fulfil this role to perfection is Muflon, a modern Prague brewer that decided to do everything right from the basics – Indeed, these guys are not only brewing a fantastic range of Czech lagers and ales but they also design and manufacture their own brewing technology which now underpins the success of many other Czech brewers such as Kutna Hora or Albrecht.

The philosophy behind Muflon beers is very simple – to work towards perfection and become an iconic Prague Beer. Well we tasted the 12 dry hopped Bohemian lager, and now you are talking! The fresh and yet delicate “hoppiness” is simply fantastic and makes this beer utmost drinkable whilst it smells so great. Also the body of this beer is very generous, making it a true Bohemian Pilsener. However, it is one difficult to speak about – you simply need to taste it to make it justice!

Please contact enquiries@czechbeeralliance.co.uk to add this beer in your on line portfolio to help quench thirst of your clients during the Corona crisis.       

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