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Czech brewer Adam Matuska is about to come with new craft beer style

30th of July 2019



Relatively new brewery Matuska – set up ten years ago in Matuska’s garage, has become one of the most popular small breweries in the Czech Republic.

They firstly aimed to make beer for local pubs however, after few years Matuska’s brand found its place between most successful breweries within Czech region.  An Interest in beer has been inherited in Matuska’s family, as his father – an experienced brewer used to craft beer for a number of recognized Czech and international breweries before establishing his own brand with his son (Adam).



Source:  pivni info

Matuska also attended the biggest B2B beer festival in the EU outside of the Czech Republic – Czech beer day in London, organized by Czech Trade UK. Matuska’s goal as he mentioned in a recent interview, is to now invent a new unique crafting style which could be considered genuine Czech. Czech Trade helps to distribute a range of Real Bohemian Lagers in the UK.



Source:  penize.cz

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