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Czech independent lagers on their way to British Isles again!

Jakub Hajek, the Kutna Hora Brewery masterbrewer, stands proud in front of the truck and smiles as his beloved lagers are to reach the British shores again after one year pause. „We used to ship to the UK on a regular basis and people in the UK loved our Kutna Hora 11 Pilsener, whilst speciality connoisseurs valued our Gold Premium Pilsener 12.”

Czech Beer Alliance UK (CBA), an independent importer & distributor, re-launched the fantastic Kutna Hora lagers to the UK! New to the range is the dark lager (which is to die for), a fantastically drinkable “tmave” dark lager with dry character and balanced bitterness.

There is more to look forward to! Bohemia Regent, one of the oldest brewers in the world, brewing continually since 1379 on the same premises in the medieval town of Trebon, sitting between Bohemia and Austria, is to re-appear in the UK too! “We simply could not stand the idea of not offering the great British beer public the legend”, says the CzechTrade Beer Ambassador Martin Macourek.

However, the Czech Beer Alliance owner, Lukas, who also runs his glassworks in the Czech Republic could never miss out on the Cvikov brewery, the home of the Glassblower lager, the low-gravity (ABV) lager that quenches his workers thirst for more then 150 Years! “My guys love to drink their Cvikov 3,4% “Glassblower” lager and guess what, the biggest hard-workers are those who make around 8 pints a day on average.” Before you label us as officially mad, we need to disclose that glassblowers are the only profession in the current Czech Republic, where you are legally allowed to drink a sessionable beer while working.

Finally, Jarosovsky lagers are now the undisputed “low-batch” artisanal king of the lager in Moravia and their new cans got the red-dot award. We are happy to be their exclusive distributor to the UK along with the craft brewery Permon, the Czech punks having switched from science (Cybertentics) to beer!

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