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Holba Serak won a gold medal at the world beer awards 2019

27th of September 2019

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3500 beers from all over the world attended the London prestigious World Beer Awards tasting competition. Šerák won in the lager category, which is the most honoured and competitive. Holba Šerák is the flagship of the Holba brand – Excellent taste, balanced bitterness and uncompromising personality admired by experts in the beer industry from around the world. 

 Holba Šerák is unique among beers in many ways. Šerák was brewed in the Hanušovice brewery for the first time 35 years ago and thanks to a strong local heritage it became an icon of the Jeseníky Mountains. The taste is supported by water from mountain springs and it gives it a special spark that you simply cannot miss. 

"I call it a fresh lager. It is perfectly drinkable and allows you to enjoy every sip" says Holba’s brewer Luděk Reichl.

The taste of Hanušovice beer and its high quality are appreciated not only by experts in tasting competitions, but most importantly, by consumers. It holds major awards such as the Pivex Golden Cup, the Golden Beer Seal, Beer of the Year and more. The taste of pure mountain beer is successful both at home and abroad, as evidenced by the silver medal at the prestigious International Beer Challenge London 2017 for Holba Šerák or the gold medal at the Best European Lager 2015 for Holba Premium.

To read more about our successful beer, please visit page dedicated only to Holba and their beer range.

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