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Real Bohemian lagers at Brew Ldn for the first time

28th of February 2020

Author: Martin Macourek

Its been called Craft Beer Rising, now it is Brew London – Unfortunately, in the past you could hardly find a traditional Czech Lager on display which is a shame as this beer so much adheres to the philosophy of this event: Indeed, our pilseners enjoy a 200 day production cycle with an 8 – 10 weeks maturation time. Although we prefer “traditional” over “craft”, we are totally in line with all these craft beer aficionados.

However, this year, consumers and businesses could have enjoyed Kutna Hora, Kanec and Bohemia Regent Real Bohemian lagers at the Speciality Beer distributor stand, Euroboozer that joined forces with the Czech Beer Alliance.

Another display for these fantastic lagers is going to be the Hotels Restaurant and Catering show at Excell London (3 – 5.3) so we invite you to come, taste and learn more about these exceptional products.   


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