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The Germans admire the boom of breweries in the Czech Republic

17th of January 2020


Author: František Novák

In Germany, the Czech Republic is referred to a paradise for beer and brewing, where the number of microbreweries has increased dramatically in recent years. In Germany, there is one brewery per 50 thousand inhabitants whereas there is one per 20 thousand inhabitants in the Czech Republic. Jan Šuráň, president of the Czech-Moravian Union of Microbreweries, confirmed that there were 440 microbreweries in the Czech Republic, at the end of 2018. According to Jan, there is a market place for a thousand small breweries.

The Czech Republic is far ahead of Germany in the number of breweries per capita. In Germany, there is one brewery per 50,000 inhabitants, in the Czech Republic it is 20,000. And in the coming decade, the difference may increase. Jan Šuráň, President of the Czech-Moravian Brewery Association, estimates that up to a thousand microbreweries may be in the Czech Republic within ten years.

“Their development could be hampered by the unfavourable economic situation in the Czech Republic and excessive restrictions on alcoholic beverages by the state. Such as check reports, EET, no smoking, etc.” said Šuráň for Euro.cz.

The market is dominated by several of the largest brewing groups. The largest Plzeňský Prazdroj produces 11 million hectoliters of beer annually. A million hectoliters of beer will be exported from the Czech Republic to Germany, in the opposite direction it is only 40 thousand hectoliters.

Czechs were the largest beer drinkers in the world
In 2017, the number of beer per capita in the Czech Republic dropped to 138 liters, according to the Czech Association of Breweries and Maltsters last year. It’s been the least in the last 50 years, but still the most in the world.

According to the ranking compiled by the Japanese brewery Kirin, in 2016 the Czechs drank 143 liters of beer per person – per year. Named in second place was Namibia with 108 liters, third was Austria with 106 liters of beer, Germany was fourth with 104 liters.

Author: František Novák

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