VIK brewery has got a great reputation among beer connoisseurs despite having started brewing only in 2020 firmly determined to remain authentic, uncompromised and at the same time innovative. We visited Prague-based VIK brewery on a beautiful crispy late winter afternoon of this year with my colleague Hana from CzechTrade upon invitation from the owners […]

Czech independent lagers on their way to British Isles again!

Jakub Hajek, the Kutna Hora Brewery masterbrewer, stands proud in front of the truck and smiles as his beloved lagers are to reach the British shores again after one year pause. „We used to ship to the UK on a regular basis and people in the UK loved our Kutna Hora 11 Pilsener, whilst speciality […]

KANEC 12 premium lager to get a permanent listing with Laithwaite wines

Author: Martin Macourek Great news for real Bohemian lager aficionados – the much loved Kanec 12 lager is now to be available on a regular basis with Laithwaites wines The brewery was established as early as 1522 and today Kanec (which stand for Wild Boar) is still brewed in the same original brewery. Technology is […]

My St Wenceslas beer – 28. 9. 2020

Author: Martin Macourek St Wenceslas plays an all-important role in Czech history and the story of medieval good Earl Wenceslas murdered by his brother Boleslav back in 935 is well known by most Czechs. The St Wenceslas legend than spread very quickly during the reign of the first two royal families on the throne of […]

The Czech Republic leads all nations in beer consumption per capita – by a whopping 78%

Author: Jason Pirodsky The average Czech consumes nearly twice as much beer as the average Austrian, according to Kirin’s latest stats on beer consumption per capita Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more No shocker: Czechs drink a lot of beer. But in honor of International Beer Day on […]

The End is the Beginning — How Pivovar Kutná Hora Emerged from the Ashes

Author: Adrian Tierney-Jones The story of Pivovar Kutná Hora is one of hope, faith, survival and resurrection. It is a tale that lightens the heart and directs a searchlight on the battles between big and small, which continues to bedevil not just the Czech, but the whole beer world.  However, before we leap into its […]

Muflon beers in empty Prague

Not a single soul can be seen in front of the famous Prague astronomical clock, built in 1410 and being the oldest continuously operating clock in the World!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Decades of turmoil once threw the Czech brewing industry into disarray. But now a new breed of brewers are working hard to bring it back to its former glory. Jacopo Mazzeo travelled to Bohemia to meet the makers who are behind this exciting revolution

The Germans admire the boom of breweries in the Czech Republic

In Germany, the Czech Republic is referred to a paradise for beer and brewing, where the number of microbreweries has increased dramatically in recent years. In Germany, there is one brewery per 50 thousand inhabitants whereas there is one per 20 thousand inhabitants in the Czech Republic.